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Ekera Urgent Care


  • Expert and efficient care for injuries, accidents & illnesses
  • Be seen and treated in under 60 minutes
  • No appointment, no waiting, no worries!

What is Urgent Care?

We provide expert and efficient care for injuries, accidents and illnesses, and aim to treat you in under 60 minutes.

Ekera Urgent Care is a new service that aims to provide treatment for patients who present with non-life threatening medical concerns. Our staff have in-depth experience, training and understanding of acute medical problems, and fully acknowledge that your health and your time are important to you.

Urgent medical needs are very common. They are unpredictable and are not always able to be treated by your GP. A visit to an Emergency Department without a life-threatening condition could involve a stressful journey, a lengthy delay, or a very large bill.

Don’t wait hours in an Emergency Department and be moved down the queue when a seriously ill patient arrives. We will always aim to see you and try to have you on the way home within 60 minutes.

Receive your medical care in a place where any follow-up allied healthcare needs can be provided in the same location in a cohesive, integrated manner.


You don’t even need to make an appointment.

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